Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning
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Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning

Experience a new chapter in Emily’s life with Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning!

Can you assist her in running Emily’s Place while taking care of her adorable daughter? Emily and Patrick, following their marriage and the birth of their daughter Paige, have decided to reopen their restaurant. Emily faces the challenge of balancing work and caring for Paige, while competing with a nearby restaurant and dealing with Brigid, a snobbish and envious friend. Will Emily receive support from close allies like Francois, Edward, and Richard, or will they become obstacles? Enjoy this new cooking and time management game from the Delicious series, expected to be among the best in its genre


Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning is developed by Gamehouse.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Tap the items to collect them, and tap on the customers to bring them their orders Tap on the cash register to take payments Tap on Paige to pick her up and bring her back to her playpen