Defuse The Bomb!
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Defuse The Bomb!

Learn to defuse an online virtual bomb in this fun simulation puzzler.

The clock is ticking the bomb is about to explode unless you disarm it.

Before you start, read the manual to learn how all the circuits and connections work.

Cut the wrong cable and it might be your last day at work.

Start out as newbie level, learn the basics, and move all the way up to professional level.

For a better experience, it is recommended playing the game with a friend, as you work together to defuse the bomb. Player 1 defuse the bomb, while player 2 is giving him instructions from the manual. Player 1 can’t blook into the manual, and player 2 can’t look at the bomb that is being defused.

You can practice and follow every step to learn how it goes, then you can choose a difficulty level and pray everything goes well.

Download the manual here.

Just Have Fun!