Death Chamber Survival

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Death Chamber Survival

Try to survive 60sec in the Death Chamber with saws, laser, and other deadly hazards thrown at you.

Will you be able to survive all 6 waves?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

MOVE – Left & right arrow keys move you while grounded or airborne.
JUMP – Quickly hit the D key for a short hop or hold it for a high jump.


DOUBLE JUMP – hit the D key mid-jump to get another burst of upward velocity. This extra jump’s height isn’t variable like a regular jump.
DODGE – hit the S key and either the left or right arrow key to quickly move in that direction. For this brief period, you are invincible to lasers and projectiles. This ability has a cooldown, and a green flash indicates when you can dodge again. Remember, this can be done while airborne or grounded. Mastery of this skill is crucial.