Dead Nest

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Dead Nest

Resurrected by a Mad Scientist and puts you in a somber nest to experiment with
your capabilities. Destroy all dead birds to survive or perish. Dead Nest is a 2D
platformer arcade-style game where Player strives to survive to wave 20 in a
seemingly endless wave of fighting exotic dead creatures. New Characters can be
unlocked by spending souls(Can be obtained by killing enemies).

Survival mode 20 waves to winning the game. Arcade style game with unique
attacking skills and enemies to explore. Total of 6 different characters to unlock.
Difficulty increases as you survive longer. Have fun!

– Fast-paced action
– Difficult challenges
– Unique enemy mechanics
– Skilled-based action with fast reflexes

– Game contains flashing images / clips etc.

Instagram – @FayzleGames
Twitter – @FayzleGames

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

A/D – Left/Right
Double tap A/D – Dash
Spacebar – Jump

LMB – Shoot
RMB – Shield

E – Use power