Dead Horizon
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Dead Horizon


Dead Horizon is a western visual novel game with shooting element.


In a rough and tumble world filled with sand, dust, and danger, Bonnie Star is always ready with her trusty six shooter. She works as a performer in a traveling carnival show. Most of the time she just sits around, staring at the bottom of a bottle of alcohol, hoping to find some answers. But one day, a man passes away in her arms, and she hears a remarkable tale from him about how to bring much-needed water to a parched land.


Get ready for a thrilling adventure where your decisions matter more than finding hidden objects or solving tricky puzzles. You get to talk to characters, choose what to do next, and solve problems without worrying about messing up your progress. But keep in mind that your choices will have consequences. Dead Horizon is a combination of a story-focused adventure game and a rail shooting game. We call it a “puzzle shooter” because it’s a clever mix! You’ll get to play like in a classic point-and-click game, but with the added excitement of shooting, interesting characters, and a rich, thought-provoking world where water is even more precious than blood

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Made by 14 Hours Production

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