Daily Sudoku
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Daily Sudoku

Our free online version of web Sudoku follows in the number puzzle’s classic tradition, no pen or pencil needed! As you start the puzzle you can choose your difficulty. We offer Sudoku for beginners, medium sudoku, and Sudoku for experts. Additionally, the puzzle is updated daily, giving you a new Sudoku challenge each and every day!

How to Play Sudoku

While Sudoku puzzles can be rather challenging, the rules and general game play are pretty simple and straightforward.

1. Each column, row and nonet needs to contain the numbers 1-9, and each number can only be used once.

2. The sum of all of the numbers in each and every column, row and nonet must be the same as the small number printed in its corner. For traditional Sudoku puzzles like this one, the sum must equal 45.

Sudoku History

Sudoku puzzles have a rich history.

Number puzzles became popular in the late 1800s in France, when newspapers began to publish partially-filled number grids on their pages. The number puzzles were not the exact same as sudoku, though, because they contained some double-digit numbers and did not have sub-squares. The rows and columns did, though, add up to the same number

These number puzzles disappeared around World War I, but reemerged in 1979 when an Indiana man named Howard Garns published the first modern Sudoku puzzle. His Sudoku used a 9×9 square, and all rows and columns needed to contain the numbers 1-9. Sudoku games were introduced in Japan five years later, where the number puzzles became immensely popular and were officially coined ‘sudoku.’ In 2004, The Times in London published its first daily sudoku, reintroducing the Sudoku puzzle to Western culture. Sudoku quickly spread to newspapers all over the world, delighting users every single day

Of course, free Sudoku puzzles that can be played only at any time or day soon followed.

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