Crazy Track: Survival Race
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Crazy Track: Survival Race


“Crazy Track: Survival Race” invites adrenaline junkies to buckle up for the ride of their lives! This high-octane racing game blends breathtaking speeds with jaw-dropping stunts and challenging courses, ensuring an exhilarating experience from start to finish.

Prepare to tackle a series of demanding tracks, each intricately designed with a gauntlet of obstacles and gravity-defying jumps that will test your driving mettle. Each course is a unique puzzle, weaving through explosive hazards and precarious ramps, demanding skillful navigation and nerve of steel.

The game boasts a diverse fleet of vehicles, each engineered for different types of terrain and stunt capabilities. From rugged off-roaders to sleek sports cars, selecting the right vehicle for each track is crucial to mastering the courses and beating the competition.

As you progress, the challenges increase, with each track more daunting than the last. Success relies on your ability to study the tracks, anticipate the obstacles, and refine your driving techniques. Training and perseverance are key to surviving the tracks and emerging as a champion.

“Crazy Track: Survival Race” isn’t just about reaching the finish line; it’s about mastering the art of high-speed racing and stunts. Push your limits, achieve new highs in speed and agility, and earn your place among racing legends. Are you ready to experience the thrill of survival racing? Start your engines and prepare to conquer the craziest tracks ever devised!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD – control of the machine in the air and on the ground
  • Mouse movement – camera rotation
  • Left shift – nitro
  • Space – brake
  • TAB – pause
  • R – Level reset