Crazy Taxi: Catch A Ride
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Crazy Taxi: Catch A Ride

Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride is a racing action game for the Game Boy Advance that belongs to the popular Crazy Taxi series. Developed by Graphic State and published by THQ in the United States and Sega in Europe, this game adapts the frenetic pace and fun of the original Crazy Taxi for the handheld platform. The game features two cities, with one being unlockable, and includes all four original cabbies: Axel, B.D. Joe, Gena, and Gus.

The core gameplay revolves around picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations as quickly and thrillingly as possible. Players earn money based on the excitement of the ride, which can be increased by performing jumps, driving close to other traffic, and drifting. The objective is to earn as much money as possible while navigating the bustling city streets.

In addition to the main game, “Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride” also offers nine Crazy Box mini-games, providing varied challenges and additional gameplay. The game supports multiple save slots per cartridge, allowing players to save their progress and continue their high-speed taxi adventures at

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