Craft Trap Challenge
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Craft Trap Challenge


Welcome to the School of Monsters Battle Challenge, a world of blocks and crafting where you can play as six different heroes: Noob, Pro, Sadako, Police Girl, Herobrine, and Ender Girl for free. Each hero has made a wish, and if they can protect the portal in the school of monsters from the hacker’s army, their wish will come true.

Use your pickaxe to dig resources and craft weapons and items at the workbench. Build a unique tower defense style from various traps. Discover items of different rarity levels, from the legendary shotgun to dual pistols. Enjoy funny end game videos where the hacker trolls Noob, Pro, Herobrine, and the girls.

Hit levers with your pickaxe to activate frost traps or a policeman with a machine gun. Explore unique biomes like Monster School, Volcano Village, and Prison. Encounter unique bosses on every fifth level, including Hagi Vagi, Chu Chu Charles, and the Maniac in prison.

As you level up your hero, new traps will be unlocked. Save your progress separately for Noob, Pro, Herobrine, Ender Girl, Police Girl, and Sadako. Get ready for an exciting adventure full of challenges and battles!

Just Have Fun!