Cosmos Quest

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Cosmos Quest

Conquer Space and Time in Cosmos Quest. Start off as a caveman and start collecting energy and start upgrading your Civilization to become a powerful and intellectual modern day human beings with the ability to change the fabric of Universe.

Over time find and discover new ways to obtain energy and invent awesome machines to collect energy from all kind of sources.

This game is based on the Kardashev Scale a theory about technological advanced based on the energy usage of a Civilization.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Begin your Journey collecting nearby resources, once you collected enough you can create your first automatic producers, after begin researching new technologies in order to increase production or to discover new ways to produce energy.

Once you have collected a fixed amount of energy you will be able to Evolve your species.

Don’t forget to click on Natural disasters to obtain huge amounts of energy!

Check the Challenges and try to complete them all.

Use the Big Crunch feature to implode the universe and move to a new one, in exchange you’ll discover Omega Particles that will allow you to redefine the constants of your new universe