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“CopyCat” introduces players to a charming and brain-teasing world where teamwork, timing, and strategy converge in a beautifully designed puzzle game. This top-down pathfinding adventure stars two adorable feline characters, each with their own personality and appearance, yet bound by a unique gameplay mechanic: they mirror each other’s movements across a grid filled with obstacles, traps, and tantalizing golden plates as their ultimate goal.

The game challenges players to think critically and plan their moves carefully. Each level is a labyrinthine puzzle where both cats move in unison – when one moves left, so does the other, regardless of their position on the grid. This synchronous movement creates a delightful yet challenging puzzle experience, as players must navigate both cats around obstacles and towards their respective golden plates simultaneously.

As the game progresses, the puzzles become increasingly complex, introducing new elements such as doors that only one cat can open, switches that activate bridges or remove barriers, and perilous traps that must be skillfully avoided. The beauty of “CopyCat” lies in its simple controls but deep, engaging gameplay that requires players to think several steps ahead, making every move count.

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