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Conduct THIS!


Take control of railway traffic and guide trains to their designated stations in the engaging puzzle game, Conduct THIS. As the conductor, your responsibility is to ensure the smooth flow of trains throughout the territory. Direct them along the tracks to reach the correct station, facilitating the loading or unloading of goods and passengers.

When a train enters a station, it loads content of a specific color, corresponding to the station where it needs to deposit the goods. Your task is to shunt the train accordingly, allowing it to reach its destination without any hindrance. Managing a single train is a breeze, but as the game progresses, you’ll need to coordinate the traffic of multiple trains simultaneously, all utilizing the same tracks. Stay vigilant and organized to prevent collisions between trains.

Conduct THIS! presents a variety of challenges across numerous levels on different maps. Test your skills and strategic thinking as you navigate through the complexities of railway management in this captivating puzzle game.

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