Cat Lovescapes
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Cat Lovescapes


Cat Lovescapes is a puzzle game that lets you play as an angelic cat cupid, tasked with helping a black cat successfully navigate through grandma’s house to reach his true love – the precious white cat. Along the way, you’ll need to outsmart and outrun the other cats in the house, escape grandma’s traps, and overcome obstacles in over 50 unique and detailed rooms.

To play the game, use your creativity to distract the other cats with entertaining point-and-click actions. If you fail, you’ll need to start over from the beginning of the room. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter other animals and face even more challenges.

The game features fast and easy gameplay, intuitive controls, and stunning graphics and sound. You can even call on cat cupid if you need help. With offline play and increasingly difficult levels, Cat Lovescapes is a must-play for any cat lover.

So, stay PAWsitive and in love as you navigate through the game and reach your true love. Get ready for a PURRfect time!


Cat Lovescapes is developed by Brave Giant LTD.

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