Build and Crush
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Build and Crush


Welcome to Build & Crush!

This is a multiplayer game where you can build stuff, blow it up, share it with the other players and crush what others created!


You can build various stuff from blocks. Don’t forget to save your creation once it’s done. With a single click on the “Make it public” button, you will make your creation available to other players!


Use various weapons (TNT, cannon, earthquake, etc) to crush different stuff. Wan’t to do it again? Just restart the entire stuff. The “Crush random” button will help you fastly experience new creations without having to visit the main menu.

Weapon list:

  • TNT
  • Missile
  • Cannon
  • Earthquake
  • Thunder
  • Lighting
  • Airplane (minigun & rocket launcher)
  • Tornado
  • More soon!

Just Have Fun!