Bug Ball 3D
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Bug Ball 3D

Bug Ball 3D is a top-down precision platformer game that immerses players in the tiny, adventurous world of a pill bug. This engaging game challenges you to navigate through intricately designed courses, combining the thrill of racing against the clock with the enjoyment of exploring beautifully crafted environments.

As you control the pill bug, you’ll have the opportunity to crawl and roll your way through a series of increasingly challenging obstacles. Each course is thoughtfully created to test your precision and timing, offering a satisfying blend of difficulty and fun. Whether you’re striving to set new records or simply taking in the scenic surroundings at a leisurely pace, “Bug Ball 3D” provides a unique gaming experience that caters to different play styles.

For those who enjoy a sneak peek of what’s to come, this demo version gives you just enough taste to leave you wanting more. If you find yourself captivated by the charming world of the pill bug and its challenging courses, consider supporting the game by wishlisting the full release on Steam. The full version promises even more levels, features, and hours of engaging gameplay that will delight fans of platformers and new players alike.

Get ready to embark on a miniature adventure with “Bug Ball 3D,” where the world is vast, and the challenges are plentiful. Roll your way to victory, beat the clock, or simply enjoy a peaceful exploration in this unique platformer game.

Made by kaiakairos

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