Bucket Crusher
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Bucket Crusher

“Bucket Crusher” is a unique and calming game that requires you to use a saw to crush various pixel mosaics.

You will take on the role of a bucket crusher driver and control the machine to demolish walls. The game is a simple simulation of destruction where you can earn gold coins by demolishing the wall and use them to upgrade your crusher. Starting with small brick walls, as you progress, the levels will become more challenging with more bricks to crush.

This game is perfect for unwinding after a long day as there are no time limits, allowing you to enjoy the gameplay at your own pace. However, you must be mindful of your fuel supply, as running out of fuel will end the game. To avoid this, collect gas cans to replenish your fuel supply and complete the levels quickly to conserve fuel.


Bucket Crusher is developed by voodoo.

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