Bob Neighbor vs Zombie
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Bob Neighbor vs Zombie

Bob Neighbor vs Zombie is a 3D shooting game where you play as Patrick in a post-apocalyptic Bikini Bottom.

The objective of the game is to survive through waves of attacks and eliminate all the zombies. Once all the zombies in a location are eliminated, you can advance to the next one.


Plankton, the notorious thief, caused a zombie apocalypse in Bikini Bottom while trying to clone its citizens to obtain the formula. Unfortunately, his experiment went wrong and he created bloodthirsty zombies who wreaked havoc in the city. Spongebob’s loyal friend Patrick survived the nightmare and now has to rescue his buddy from the zombie menace. In this challenging task, he needs to leave the city unharmed. You can assist Patrick in this mission by using unique weapons that shoot burgers, pineapples, and sauces. Indulge these zombies in a cooking frenzy and eliminate them all to save Bob’s life.

Made by cybercats games

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • — A,D – move between shooting points
  • — LMB – shooting.
  • — Rotate the camera with the mouse.