Blind Boat Shooting Master
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Blind Boat Shooting Master

“Blind Boat Shooting Master,” also known as “Raft Wars: Boat Battles,” is a captivating physics-based turn-based shooter game that plunges players into colorful, comic book-style maritime battles. In this game, you take command of three adorable babies aboard a makeshift raft, tasked with defeating pirate enemies using clever tactics and a variety of weapons.

As you navigate through various vibrant lands, the core of your mission is to strategically take down opposing pirates positioned across the map. Each match requires you to deplete the enemy’s HP, knock them into the water, or completely destroy their boat. This is achieved through skillful aiming and the tactical use of diverse projectiles and power-ups. The power-ups include:

  • Gloves: Ideal for high personnel damage, these are perfect for single-target attacks that can take down enemies in one hit.
  • Rocket: This explosive projectile causes significant damage to both characters and structures, impacting a broad area.
  • Cluster: Upon explosion, it releases three smaller projectiles that cause variable damage over a wide area, making it unpredictable yet effective against groups of pirates.

The game stands out not only for its engaging gameplay but also for its unique comic book aesthetic that brings the high seas adventures to life with charm and whimsy. With a diverse roster of over 30 characters, each battle is fresh and exciting, presenting endless strategic possibilities.

Environmental elements within the game can be used to your advantage, adding another layer of strategy to your battles. As you progress, you’ll unlock new territories, each offering new challenges and opportunities to test your combat prowess against pirates, thieves, and rival raft fighters.

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