Black IV: Time of Revenge
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Black IV: Time of Revenge

Remake of the classic 2006 shooter game with tons of new features.

– Most recognizable feature “Bullet Time” is back!
– 12 fully customizable weapons + 5 totally different grenades to discover! A delightful assortment of firepower at your disposal!
– Research new items, Customize your weapons and Upgrade your special suit.
– 11 different types of enemies, big bosses, over 250 hostiles to neutralize.
– 24 Achievements to unlock, 4 types of difficulty, Loot wardrobes for coins. hack computers for additional health, discover over 60 maps
– Survival Mode!
…and a lot more waiting for you in the game!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Basic Movement: WSAD
Movement Mouse
Aim and shoot Space
Bulletime Hold F
Throw Grenades E
Loot/Hack/Use R
Reload weapons Q
Quick weapon change 1-9
Change weapons More advanced controls – Explained in-game