Birds With Guns
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Birds With Guns


Play as a bird or chicken with guns that must rescue all the unhatched eggs.


Evil Robofox has captured all the birds to steal their eggs. The bird kingdom is counting on you to save them!


Birds With Guns is a passion project made by a bunch of friends over the course of a vacation. If you found it fun and wish to give us a tip, an offline version is available for download for the price of a donut 🍩 :)

Get the game Here.

How to Play:

Keyboard + mouse mode:
Arrow keys or ESDF: Move
Left click: Shoot
Scroll: Switch weapon
P or Enter: Pause

Keyboard only mode:
Arrow keys or ESDF: Move
X: Shoot (V or M also work)
C: Switch weapon (Z or N also work)
P or Enter: Pause