Bird Bubbles
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Bird Bubbles


Bird Bubbles, “BRDBLS” , presents a unique 2D platformer experience, inviting players into an enchanting world filled with dangers and challenges, all navigated by a courageous little bird. This game ingeniously combines traditional platformer elements with an innovative bubble mechanic, offering players a fresh way to explore and conquer each level. As players progress, they’ll discover bubbles that can lift them to new heights, provide protection from hazards, and even help solve intricate puzzles blocking their path. With each stage designed to test both agility and intellect, “BRDBLS” transforms the journey of a lone bird into a captivating adventure through a world where floating bubbles are the key to survival and exploration.

made by Super∴Try

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • MOVE – [A] or [D] or Arrow Keys
  • JUMP – [Space] or [J]
  • RETRY – [R]