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Bike Jump


“Bike Jump” is the ultimate stunt biking experience that challenges players to push their limits by speeding down massive ramps and launching high into the air. This adrenaline-packed game combines speed, skill, and spectacle in one thrilling ride. As players race down thrilling inclines, they must time their jumps perfectly to catch maximum air and perform awe-inspiring acrobatics like spins, flips, and twists.

The excitement doesn’t end with just airborne stunts. Players can take their thrills to new heights by executing a daring mid-air leap off the bike, adding an extra layer of risk and excitement. Each successful stunt racks up points and boosts your score, pushing you up the leaderboard and unlocking new levels.

To keep the stunts getting wilder and the jumps getting bigger, players can upgrade their bikes throughout the game. Enhancements include more powerful engines for faster ramp speeds, turbo boosts for longer air time, and special abilities that add a unique flair to each jump. Each upgrade not only enhances performance but also unlocks new potential for stunts and tricks.

Bike Jump also features a variety of environments, each offering unique ramps and challenges that test even the most skilled riders. From skyscraper rooftops to scenic canyons, the settings are designed to provide a visually stunning backdrop for the high-flying action.

Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for quick thrills or a more dedicated player aiming to perfect every jump and dominate the leaderboards, “Bike Jump” offers an immersive, exciting, and endlessly enjoyable experience for everyone. Strap on your helmet, rev your engine, and prepare to take flight in the most extreme biking challenge yet!


Bike Jump is developed by BoomBit.

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