Bigfoot Hunting
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Bigfoot Hunting


Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge in Bigfoot Hunting, a first-person survival horror game that pits you against the mysterious and intelligent beast, the Yeti. Your mission is clear: survive, capture the elusive creature, and face it in an intense and unequal confrontation. Venture into the snowy expanses, but be wary, as the Yeti is a formidable adversary capable of tearing you apart in seconds.

Explore the wild forest where rumors of missing people circulate, their bodies hinting at the presence of this mysterious creature. Embark on a perilous hunt for the Yeti, utilizing traps and strategic maneuvers to outsmart and capture the monstrous beast.

Equip yourself with an arsenal of weapons, including small spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifles, and a flashlight to navigate the dark and treacherous terrain. Your goal is to track down and capture the elusive Yeti, but stay vigilant, as the creature is a formidable foe that can strike at any moment.

In this world of monsters, survival, and untamed nature, your sharp shooting skills will be put to the test against not only the Yeti but also wild animals and other monsters. Become an irresistible hunter by acting smart and swiftly in this thrilling Yeti hunt. Can you survive the encounter and emerge victorious in the face of this formidable adversary? The challenge awaits!

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How to Play:

  • AWSD: Character movement;
  • F – Pick up item;
  • Shift – Sprint;
  • Space – Jump;
  • Numbers 1 to 6 – Inventory selection;