Battle Wheels
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Battle Wheels

Battle Wheels is a high-energy arcade game where you engage in intense 1 on 1 vehicular battles. Each car in this game lacks a roof, providing a unique twist as you can use this feature to launch airborne attacks directly on your opponent’s head. Mastery of flying around the arena and executing acrobatic flips onto your adversary’s car is crucial to securing victory.

The game allows for extensive customization and upgrades. You can enhance your car’s chassis to increase base health, invest in robust wheels to boost damage, and apply general upgrades to further improve your vehicle’s damage output and durability. Customizing your character adds another layer of personalization to the game, making each battle feel distinct and exciting.

“Battle Wheels” offers both single-player and two-player modes. The two-player mode presents a thrilling challenge, allowing you to compete against a friend to determine who can climb higher up the ranks and ultimately claim the title of Battle Wheels champion. Whether you’re battling AI opponents or facing off against a friend, “Battle Wheels” provides a dynamic and engaging experience for all arcade battle enthusiasts.

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