Battle Bound Online
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Battle Bound Online


Battle Bound is a multiplayer stickman shooting game made by KIKOKO on the MIT Scratch engine.

Game Modes:

This game features 4 modes. Each round last 9:30 minutes and voting on the game next mode last for 30 seconds. The respawn timer is 7 seconds.

  • Team Deathmatch: 4 teams. Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple. You can’t hurt your teammates, you can see everyone on the minimap.
  • Gun Game: No teams. Your by yourself. Every time you kill someone you get a random primary gun. There is also no gear point limit.
  • Capture the Flag: 2 Teams. The goal is to steal each other’s flag. You need to steal the enemy flag and return it to your own flag post to get a point.
  • Free for Fall.


You can customize your loadout and their looks. Just click around to select the weapon. Loadout is divided into “Primary”, “Secondary”, and “Gadget”. That means you can carry 3 items. All loadout have points. So select what you can afford. However, loadout point is disabled in “Gun Game” mode.

Made by KIKOKODev

Just Have Fun!