Base Defence 3D
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Base Defence 3D


In Base Defence 3D, you face the daunting task of protecting humanity from waves of relentless zombies determined to bring about mankind’s end. Stationed in your fortress, you must utilize a robust arsenal of powerful weapons and enlist the aid of courageous soldiers to fend off the undead menace.

As you valiantly fight back against the horde, you’ll have opportunities to upgrade your weaponry, collect essential ammunition, and recruit helpers to strengthen your defensive efforts. Each victory over the zombies not only increases your survival chances but also enables you to accumulate funds, which are crucial for unlocking a variety of new, more potent weapons.

Throughout the game, you’ll also embark on rescue missions to save survivors stranded in treacherous environments like forests and deserts, further emphasizing the game’s theme of heroism and teamwork. As you progress, the challenges intensify, demanding sharper strategic planning and quicker reflexes.

“Base Defence 3D” is an action-packed game that combines intense shooting mechanics with strategic defense building, challenging you to eradicate the evil plaguing the earth and restore peace. Are you ready to confront terror and lead your team to victory?

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