Bank Robbery: San Andreas
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Bank Robbery: San Andreas

Get ready for an exciting bank heist adventure in “Bank Robbery: San Andreas”!

In this action-packed game, you’ll step into the shoes of the main character in a fictional city called “San Andreas.” Your goal? To become the slickest and richest bank robber ever! And guess what? You’ve got a tough buddy named “Nubik” to help you out on your big heists.

The game has a super cool bank for you to explore, and it’s packed with all sorts of weapons and cool stuff you can use. It’s like a big, exciting playground for your robber adventures!

So, get ready to put on your heist hat and dive into the world of crime and robberies. Just remember, it’s all in good fun in the game, and you’ll have a blast trying to become the best bank robber in the world!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Mouse – Look Around
  • WASD – Movement
  • W + Shift – Fast running
  • Space – Jump
  • Left mouse button – Shoot
  • Right mouse button (hold) – Aiming
  • Mouse wheel – next/previous weapon
  • 1-9 – Weapon keys
  • R – Recharge
  • G – Throw a grenade
  • Phones:
  • There is no need to shoot, the game has auto-shooting
  • Aiming – a button depicting a sight
  • Reload – two arrows in the form of a circle
  • Changing weapons – triangles on the top right
  • Look around – the right side of the screen
  • Walk – left side of the screen
  • jump – up arrow
  • Grenade Throw – Grenade button