Art Thief Museum

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Art Thief Museum

Art Thief is a fun Point and click game about museum that is notorious getting arts stolen. Help the security huard, Olive, gather clues, solve puzzles, craft items, and listen to the many woes of the museum’s colorful cast of employees, artworks, and enemies.

Created by students in the Fall of 2017 at California Institute of the Arts for the CalArts Game Makers Club.


Katherine “Green” Ohlson – Director, Artist
Nathan Ho – Programmer, Composer, Writer, Artist
Lily Windsor – Artist
Whitney Yuen – Artist
Isa Hanssen – Artist
Marley Townsend – Writer
Toby Do – Writer
Travis Nishii – Writer
Holland Sangster – Writer, Composer
Roy Berardo – Composer
Kyle Cooke-Gilbert – Composer
Yuri Gause – Composer
Jeff Huang – Producer
Th̩otime Vaillant РProducer
Vince De La Torre – Producer