Arcane Depths
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Arcane Depths


Arcane Depths is a 2D pixelated retro action platformer that draws inspiration from the work of Risk of Rain and Broforce. Use cool skills to help your defeat enemy monsters. Your objective is to gather important items and souls as you travel 4 biomes to face the final boss. Use Or will you face the final boss with lower health? Will you defeat all the boss?

– Fresh new gameplay each run as you discover new items, skills and enemies
– 4 randomly generated biomes
– 3 different classes each with 5 unique skills
– Over 30 different enemies and cool items
– 4 epic bosses

How to Play:

Explained in-game.

– Arrow keys to move
– Z, X, C, V, B keys to use skills
– Spacebar to open chests and collect souls
– Escape to view item log
– “M” key to mute