Akumanor Escape DX
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Akumanor Escape DX


You have been captured and taken to a Haunted Castle, the Akumanor, but you’ve just managed to escape from your cell in the catacombs, armed with your sword and shield, you have to do your best to save yourself from this mess! Good luck!

Developed by Mirhicin. If you like the game you can support or buy the developer a coffee here.

How to Play:

Keyboard Controls
Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Jump X: Attack
Arrow Down: Raise Shield
Enter: Pause

Gamepad Controls (PS):
D-Pad/Left Stick: Move
Circle: Jump
X /Triangle: Attack
D-pad Down/Left Stick
Down: Raise Shield
Start: Pause
(Note: Any controller you have plugged into your PC should work, so long as it is Gamepad 0 or Gamepad 1, the buttons on other controllers correspondent to the ones listed above on a PS controller should work identically)

(Note 2: If the different sound channels ever go out-of-sync, press the Backspace key to reset the music and they should fix themselves)