Agent Pyxel
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Agent Pyxel

Play as a secret agent and do what they do best as you set off for a dangerous mission and silence high importance target.

Greetings, Agent! We require your expertise once again. This mission is of utmost importance as we must neutralize a highly dangerous scientist who is in the process of developing a WoMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) – a bomb that triggers insatiable hunger in all those affected. You are our last line of defense against this grave threat.


  • Save your ammo as much as possible
  • Check achievements in the menu – this will help you to determine your gameplay style
  • Utilize shadows – when you are hidden you inflict massive damage
  • TheĀ peaceful achievement is really hard to get especially if you try to get theĀ careful achievement at the same time
  • Remember there is no pentalty for death so you can also go full berserk!
  • There are all together 5 weapons. Top 3 weapons are “not that easy to find”. Having all of them makes the game significantly easier.


Made by PitilT. Subscribe to his Youtube channel, to learn to make makes liek this.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • [WSAD] – Movement
  • [Left Mouse Button] – Shooting
  • [Q] and [E] – Changing weapon (when available)
  • [R] – Reloading
  • [F] – Interacting with environment, picking up items
  • [TAB] – Using first aid kit (when available)
  • [M] – Map and time counter