Age of War
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Age of War

Forge your path through the ages, conquer your enemies, and lead your army to glorious victory in Age of War. Experience the epic journey of civilization in Age of War, where you take command of an army that evolves from the stone age to the future. Your ultimate goal is to obliterate the enemy’s base, employing strategic tactics and unleashing your units upon them.

As you engage in intense battles, each victory over enemy units earns you valuable XP and coins. Utilize these coins to train your units, strengthen your defenses with turrets, and strategically position them for maximum impact. Turrets play a crucial role in safeguarding your base from afar, providing you with precious time to amass resources and launch a powerful counter-attack.

5 Ages to battle

  • Stone age
  • Castle age
  • Renaissance age
  • Modern age
  • Future age


Originally launched as a Flash game by Louissi in 2007, Age of War quickly became a pioneer in the base defense genre, contributing to its widespread popularity. Over the years, this captivating game has stood the test of time and continues to attract a large player base.

Today, you can enjoy the timeless experience of Age of War in HTML5 format, making it easily accessible and playable for free. Immerse yourself in the strategic challenges, intense battles, and evolution of civilizations as you defend your base and strive for victory. Join the legions of players who have embraced Age of War and discover why it remains a beloved classic.

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How to Play:

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