Abobus Among Imposters!
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Abobus Among Imposters!

In the world of the spaceship, everyone has turned into imposters and the red abobus needs your help to survive against them. The situation is dire as the rest of the crew has turned into zombies. Luckily, the red abobus has discovered a cache of weapons which can be unlocked with green coins.

The imposters come in three forms – standard, shooting and ram. Fight them all and try to survive as long as possible. The game features 6 different weapons that can be used simultaneously, ranging from a simple knife to a powerful MINIGUN.

Be warned, only 5% of players make it to wave 10! Do you have what it takes to help the abobus survive this dangerous world filled with angry mutant imposters?

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

mouse or WASD