Game Not Loading?

1. If a game failed to load fully, this might be because one of your browser’s extensions is blocking the game from loading properly. The main cause is an adblocker. So please whitelist kbhgames.com if your using adblocker. Some developers only allow their games to be loaded if the ad-blocker is off. We have no control over that. Thanks.

2. KBH Games don’t need browser cookies to function properly, BUT in order to play some games, it requires Third Party cookie enabled on your browser because the game developer builds it that way, so if you disable your cookie some games might not load or work properly.

Some games require a specific browser plugin in order to play for example:

WebGL Player:

Some Games on KBH Games require WebGL to be enabled. Go to¬†https://get.webgl.org/, if you see a spinning cube it means you do. If you don’t, you have to install and enable WebGL.

New games made with Webgl and HTML have very large file size, so it might take longer to load and might freeze your browser for a few seconds while it set up and finish loading. So please be patience while it finish loading.

Controls Not Working?

Some game requires you to select it before you can use the keyboard keys. So click inside of the game canvas (screen) to select it so your keyboard commands are linked to the game itself and not the web page your currently viewing.