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Victorian BMX
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Victorian BMX

It is the Victorian era and Deaths got a quota to meet. Help guide his velocipede through the streets, scoring sick air, pulling off tricks, harvesting souls and collecting skulls as you go to meet his macabre deadline and score the most points.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Instruction:Victorian BMX: Death on Wheels is controlled using the keyboard (in-game) and mouse (in menus).

Up Arrow - Accelerate

Down Arrow - Brake

Space Bar - Jump. Tap space again while in the air for an extra boost. Space bar will also advance menu screens.

Left and Right Arrows - Lean backwards/forwards. Hold while in the air to flip forward/back and perform 360s. Tap to perform wheelies - maintain wheelies for extra points!

Double tap the Up Arrow - Perform a Superman

Double tap the Down arrow - Perform a Bone Home


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