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Turbo Granny

Turbo Granny is a funny game developed by PixelJam. Grandma has stolen the car for a joyride around the neighborhood. Granny is 90-years-old, her reaction is a bit over the mark.

Simulate driving a car through a 90-year old woman’s perspective. Drive a car with delayed steering reaction. Run as many car off the road as possible. But don’t crash granny’s car into a pole or other obstacle, also watch out for police officers.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Right or left arrow – Steer

Shift key – Activates TURBO

Space bar – Pauses gameplay

M – Mutes music

Bounce other cars into each other and off the road for bonus points and TURBO. Collect granny items strewn in the road for points and more TURBO. Use TURBO to beat the clock and escape the cops! Your TURBO meter is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Condition clouds will affect your ability to drive but multiply your score until you hit something.



If you haven’t been pressing the Shift key to activate TURBO, you’re doing it wrong.

You’ll find lots of TURBO-giving items within side paths off the main road.

If you’re having trouble getting caught on return trips conserve a little TURBO for the ride back home.

One strategy might be to focus on running cars off the road on the way to your destination, and item collection on the return trip.

The more cars and objects you hit the more damage Granny’s ride takes. Collect the wrench icon to repair your vehicle.

Developed by Pixeljam

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