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Truck Attack

Monster truck racing game. Find out how is the the best monster truck driver in town. Speed up ramps and jump to the sky. Avoid and navigate through danger. And most important of all keep your balance.

There are three so called worlds that you need to conquer with your outstanding driving skills, meaning three different circuits to unleash that daring trucker inside you along. Each world comes with 10 different, increasingly challenging levels, each one allowing you to collect a certain number of coins for buying cool upgrades for your heavy off-road truck, such as a brand new even more powerful engine, new off-road wheels and a new jaw-dropping body kit, as well, for you to feast your eyes upon. If you play driving games like a maniac, you will definitely agree that they would be super dull without some awesome upgrades to hunt for! They won’t be easy earned money so… spend them wisely. You’ll see, those upgrades worth every penny: its takes just one level, one short, but so very wild race at the wheel of your awe-inspiring truck and you’ll grow simply addicted to the highly realistic driving sensation and to the stunning 3D graphics!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Developer: Empire Games

Available on tablet and smartphone: Google Android.

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