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KOF Wing EX 1.0

King of Fighters Wing EX is out of beta. Version 1.0 include the following updates:

Update log:
1) Add the character Ash Crimson.
2) Several setting added in display setting:
Glow Type: You can only use this option when “Glow Mode” option is enabled. This option decides which type of glowing of effects you are going to use.
KOF XIII Effect: Some of the hit effect and the effect of super or max moves change into the effect of The King Of Fighters XIII. (Also requires better computer equipment)
2P color change while both players use same character: Different from The King Of Fighters, we have made a special effect to apply on the characters to let the players recognize different player clearly.
2P color change type: You can only use this option while “2P color change while both players use same character” option is enabled. This option decides whether “Bright” or “Dark” effect will be used on Player 2.
Display Language: Change the language of the user interface, you can select either Simplified Chinese or English.
3) Action setting is added, player can set the fixed action for 1P or 2P.
4) Skill List is attached in the game. (In Simplified Chinese)
5) The Frequently Asked Question document is attached in the game. You can check some of the solution or answer for some of the specific question.
6) Some bugs are fixed.
7) Complete the function of random selecting character, if you select random character at the beginning, the system selects the character randomly every round.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


=Player 1 =
WASD: move
J:  Heavy Punch
K: Heavy Kick
L: Emergency Escape
U: Weak Punch
I: Weak Kick
O: Power burst

=Player 2 =
↑↓←→: move
1:  Heavy Punch
2: Heavy Kick
3: Emergency Escape
4: Weak Punch
5: Weak Kick
6: Power burst

Train and try to figure out special key combinations. All control can be changed by going to “config” menu.


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