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Idle Village

See your virtual simulation village grow as your build buildings and increase your resource production. You can go to player mode to explore the village you have created.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Village mode:
Use mouse to buy upgrades.
press 1 to open buildings menu
press 2 to open research menu
press 3 to open employment menu
press 4 to open market menu
press 0 or tab to enter player mode

Player mode:
use mouse to look around
use WASD to move
hold shift to sprint
press u to teleport back to your house
press any number or tab to enter back to village mode

Build merchandise buildings to increase employment. Increase your population with food and water to get more workers.

Sell merchandise that workers have produced and buy resources

Upgrade school to get more knowledge per hour and buy new buildings from research menu.

When offline, you gain 25% of your resource production and 100% of food, water, knowledge and merchandise production

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