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Hit Dodge Zbang

Ready for some fast-pasted super adrenaline charged adventures like only car games can provide? Join the fun in a full 3d experience as Hit Dodge Zbang is ready to deliver a one-of-a-kind driving experience. You’re in charge of the police car today and you need to restore the law and order in your little town. Blast out those bad behaved traffic participants by smashing them out of your way.
Heat up the road ahead as you hit and blast out some cars in your way and enjoy the fantastic 3d graphics. Dodge obstacles and zbang out everything else to collect bonus points and establish yourself as one of the best car racing games drivers out there.

Your reputation is on stake right now, so prove your super driver’s skills as you change lanes and manage to collect all bonuses. Sweep the streets of any cars on your way or any bonus points and qualify for some achievement titles. Become the Master Champion as you complete level waves one after another and make sure you hit some other cool titles along the way. Car games have never been so fun before, with Ninja Glider and Bumpy Head titles to collect while playing.

This game is also available on Google apps store and iTunes apps store.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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