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Tower of The Wizard

Tower of The Wizard is a metroidvania platformer where you must defeat The mad Wizard to save your village. Your kingdom’s army is away in foreign lands, so you as a lone adventurer must enter the Wizard’s tower to end his terror.

Navigate a challenging dungeon, filled with traps and foes. Use the map that you will pick up early on in order to find various equipment, and use them in turn to traverse the myriad obstacles the tower presents to you.

In the tower you will find a spear that will allow you to slay foes and bounce on their heads, a pair of gloves that will allow you to slide down walls and also cling to them and jump from them, and last but not least, a light cloak that will allow you to glide as you fall.

You need to explore a vast, open castle, and use your map and your skills to progress. The game is a love letter to the old platformers, and is very challenging. You will need a lot of patience and practice to progress in the game, but once you finally cross a pesky section by pulling off a series of connected maneuvers, you will feel like the biggest badass of them all!

1) A big tower to explore, consisting of 36 connected rooms.
2) 4 fun character upgrades.
3) 5 different enemy types (not counting the final boss!)
4) 4 different trap types.
5) Challenging and rewarding platform gameplay, interwoven with basic combat mechanics.
6) An intense and surprising boss fight at the end.
7) Retro graphics, inspired by the 4-color palette, and the pixel height (144px) of the gameboy.
8) Chiptune soundtrack.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


1) Arrow keys to move and jump.
2) I for inventory.
3) Enter to advance text.

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