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Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars!

Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars is a sci-fi horror game where you have to survive against 17 types of monsters. In the beginning there were twenty crew members, now only 5 remains.

Will you be able to survive playing through this entire film- erm, game?

Common Monsters:

  1. DUL – Super Quiet
  2. Droner – Is cloaked
  3. Fly Man – Can go up ventilation shafts
  4. Squid Made of Tar – Can shoot tar that blinds the player
  5. Fish Freak – Lays goo traps that can immobilize the player for 4 seconds
  6. Martian – Can shoot two lasers every couple of seconds
  7. The Reptile – Can charge at the player during a chase
  8. The Blob – Lays keycard traps on the floor. When approached, it will spawn The Blob at it’s location.
  9. Rouge Tinfoil Robot – Can shoot one laser every couple of seconds but moves faster than The Martian
  10. The Slime – Can go up ventilation shafts and use the small vents on the walls to spawn from them. (It’s slower than The Fly Man I think)
  11. Dead Man – Can scream at the player during a chase, which stuns the player for about 2 seconds.
  12. Cheeva – Can sprint every 45 seconds outside of a chase to move around the map faster.

Rare Monsters:

  1. Xenomorph (From ALIEN) – Can go up ventilation shafts and is faster than The Slime and The Fly Man
  2. Berry The Bear (From Shopping Nightmare) – Can spawn Berry clones. When approached, will spawn Berry The Bear at it’s location.
  3. Monster Coach (From L4D2) Can charge during a chase but his charge lasts longer than The Reptile.
  4. Uber Jason – (From Jason X) Cannot be killed and can chase the player a lot longer than any other monster. But is the slowest of all the monsters.
  5. Dave Micromonster (That’s me!) – Shoots two hamburgers every couple of seconds.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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