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Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

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Welcome to Mahjongg Dark Dimensions!
You can click and match any tile that has two
adjacent sides free. To rotate the puzzle, you can
either use the arrow buttons or the left and right
arrow keys. Make all of the matches in the puzzle
to advance to the next stage.

Speed Match Combo:
You’ll activate a points multiplier if you make a
match within three seconds of another match.

Multimatch Combo:
You’ll get bonus points for matching several of the same image type in a row.

Time Bonus Tiles:
The only way to gain additional time is to uncover and
match these tiles. when you do, the amount listed on the tile will be
added to your time. The quicker you uncover these tiles, the more time
you’ll get – these tiles are the key to getting far in the game.
When the timer runs out, the game is over. Good luck, and have fun!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.