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Honor & Duty

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Experience the thrill of soldier deployed to the frontline as you fight for your country and for Honor and Duty.

A online multiplayer where you play with real players online. There is no registration required, simply join and start shooting people right away.

Features realistic graphics and gameplay. Fight for your life and do not let your enemies to kill you. Choose from several classes, each with unique play style and range of weapons. Use health and ammo kits to support your team on one of the many impressively designed maps. Choose your primary and secondary weapon and get ready for the total bloodbath.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


WASD = Move
Mouse = aim
1…4 = weapons
ESC = menu
m = change class
Tab = scoreboard
r = reload
SHIFT = run
c = crouch
SPACE = jump
h = health kit
j = ammo kit
ENTER = chat