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Defend The Dam

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Beaver’s dam is under attack from many evil creatures. Build, defend, and upgrade tower to fend them off. Do you have what is take to beat all 20 levels and become a hero?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Tap on an empty turret slot to build a weapon.
Tap on a weapon to upgrade it (this will heal it as well).
Drag to rotate your turret tread.

Keep 80% of your dam’s health to earn three stars!
Beat heroic to earn your 4th star.
Beat master to earn your 5th star.

Get stuck? Here are a few tips:
1) Make sure to spend your skill points. Resetting is free, so if you feel like a level is pushing you towards certain guns, don’t be afraid to re-spec towards those guns.
2) Rotate rotate rotate! Make sure to keep your guns moving to focus fire. They’re not doing any good when they’re reloading.
3) Upgrade strategically. Upgrading a gun refills it to full health (and bumps up the max health), so time your upgrades to “save” turrets from death.