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Cyborg Chicks vs Space Sandwiches

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Play as a hot cyborg chick in space battling space sandwiches. Purchase upgrades and try to earn all the achievements.


In the distant planet Klumm 7, after centuries of research in cybernetics implants and low carbohydrate diets, an entire civilization of cyborgs reached physical perfection for their entire race.

This amazing culture, full of love for science and aerobics, peacefully lived in their home planet until one dark morning where they discovered they were not alone in the universe.

Far across the distance, more exactly in the other corner of the donut galaxy, an evil, not so fitted and envious civilization is menacing to destroy everything the Klummians fought for… and it comes in the form of Sandwiches. An infinite amount of Sandwiches…

The elders of Klumm have decided to fight this ginormous threat of calories and malnutrition selecting amongst the youngest and fittiest of their own.

You Must help them win!

Play endless hours of fun in this awesome vertical shooter full of weird sandwiches trying to beat you!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.