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Contract Wars

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Contract Wars is a stunning 3D FPS game in your browser.

Contracts Wars is the modern free2play AAA MMOFPS developing as the browser-based application.

Gain respect fighting side by side with your friends in full-fledged first-person shooter with a great arsenal, RPG features, leveling, achievements and tons of unlocks.
Play on different maps in different gamemodes, earn experience points and unlock new weapons and equipment.
C’mon, get into fight!

Features (not final):
– AAA graphics
– 5 gamemodes, 12 maps
– 55+ modern firearms
– 100+ unique skills for 6 PMC classes
– 160+ contracts
– 60+ achievements
– 30+ weapon modification tasks
– realistic hardcore mode for high-levels
– and more


As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


F12- fullscreen mode
WASD – movement
C- crouch
Shift – walk, steady aim
Space – jump
F – interact (place/disarm beacon)
V- knife stab
G – grenade (if you have this skill)
1 – secondary weapon
2 – primary weapon
3 – support device (if you have it)
R – weapon reload
LMB – shoot
RMB – aim
T,Y, Enter – chat
Tab – statistics

click SETTINGS button to customize controls, graphic&audio settings etc
click QUICK GAME menu button to fast join into the fight

Earn resources (CR, SP, GP)
– gain experience points
– level up
– complete contracts
– obtain daily&progress bonuses
– exchange Kreds

System requirements:

Browser that can play unity games. Recommend playing it on firefox.
Processor: AMD 64 3200+ or Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz or better
Memory: 512 MB (1.5 GB preferred)
Videocard: Shader 2.0, 256 MB GeForce 6600GT / Radeon 1600XT or better
Internet: 2 MBit/sec (10+ preferred), Google Chrome