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A Dragon Named Coal

Civil war hollows out a legendary kingdom to a husk of its former glory. In a last effort to save his people a king embarks on one last quest. But a young outcasted dragon named Coal may be able to accomplish what the king’s great armies and sorcerers cannot. For his decisions will echo throughout generations to doom or save everyone.

As Coal you’re put in the shoes of a young dragon who’s been outcasted for his odd obsession with humans. During your adventures you’ll make decisions that dramatically influence characters in the game. Some of these changes are immediate and others can be seen when re-encountering characters (as the game has a time lapse). While adventuring you’ll acquire a legendary sword known as the Soullass. The Soullass, Coal’s scarf, and other equipment can be upgraded from specific materials acquired throughout the environment. Write your dark fairytale, change the world, and explore a world that responds to your decisions.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


WASD – Move

Left mouse click – Attack

Right mouse click – Special.

Space Bar – Jump