Game Not Loading?

If game failed to load, this might be because one of your browser’s add-on or extension is blocking the game from loading properly. Please try to disable/whitelist kbhgames.com from any add-on or extension you might be using and try again.

KBH Games doesn’t need browser cookies to function properly, but in order to play some games it require browser cookies to be enabled because the game developer build it that way, so if  you disabled your cookie some games might not load or work properly.

Please visit each games below to test which free software you are missing:

    • If Super Smash Flash 2 is not working, please download or update Flash Player.
    • Some Games on KBH Games require WebGL to be enabled. Go to https://get.webgl.org/, to check if your browser have WebGL enabled. Most modern browser, like Firefox and Chrome have WebGL support. If that page say you don’t have WebGL and you’re using Firefox or Chrome. You might have accidently disable it. Search online to figure out how to enable it.
    • If BMTron is not working, please download or update Java.
      • No longer playable on Chrome and Firefox, Please use Internet Explorer.
    • If Red Crucible 3 is not working, please download or update Unity Player.
      • No longer playable on Chrome and Firefox, Please use Internet Explorer.

It’s best that you restart your computer after installing any of these programs. Contrary to the latest opinion polling, I am not perfect so there will be games that won’t work because of human error. Please contact me to tell me about such problems. Thanks!

We Pledge to never have pop-ups!

Since I play on this site myself, I don’t allow popups, popunders, or other major annoyances on KBH Games.


Also check out this page.

Retro Games?

Some retro games is better played on a game console controller. You can use Joy2Key, it is completely free, it allow your favorite game-controller to map the controls to your keyboard.