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Dr. Spacezoo

Dr. Spacezoo is an arcade style time-attack twin-stick shoot-em-up that is packed full of gibs, grease, and glow. Fight through bullet filled Space Zoos to save starving exotic space animals from a corrupt AI before time runs out. Procedurally generated levels provide a challenging and new experience each play through

Infiltrate Space Zoos and save starving exotic space animals from a corrupt AI in Dr. Spacezoo, an arcade style time attack shoot-em-up packed full of gibs and grease.

In 2143, Dr. Spacezoo created a central Artificial Intelligence to manage the Space Zoos. Recently, the Space Zoo AI became corrupted and started starving exotic space animals and destroying any visitors. Your ship’s communication signature mimics a sentry bot, but the ruse will be discovered if you make any hostile actions or save any animals.

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After learning about the Space Zoos, the kind and benevolent Dr. Spacezoo asks you with investigate reports of strange activity in Space Zoo Alpha, the very first Space Zoo in a tight Earth orbit. Upon entering Space Zoo Alpha, you discover that all of the exotic space animals are starving. You are tasked with collecting and bringing a single animal back to the good Dr. Spacezoo, and are left with the choice of saving or humanely helping the remaining animals.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.



  • WASD : Move
  • Left Click: Primary Weapon (Laser)
  • Right Click: Secondary Weapon (Bullets)
  • 1-5: Change Secondary Weapon:
    • 1 – Bullets
    • 2 – Homing Bullets
    • 3 – Circle
    • 4 – Circle Homing
    • 5 – Drunken Homing.
Developer: SmashRiot

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